The Arabian Gulf’s Most Renowned Date Festivals Timetable in 2017

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The Arabian Gulf’s Most Renowned Date Festivals Timetable in 2017

Dates are considered the most important agricultural produce in the Arabian Gulf countries, where it can be found in almost every home, especially because of the significant nutritional value it contains, including a high percentage of iron, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fibers deemed essential in the building process of the human body, in addition to the protection they provide against a lot of ailments., a website dedicated to dates gift box sets, is publishing a reviews of the most renowned date festivals in the Arabian Gulf countries and their schedule:

1- Buraidah Date Festival: Starts on the 1st of Dhu al-Qa’da 1438, corresponding to the 25th of July 2017

Buraidah’s Date Festival is considered one of the biggest date festivals in the world, it is also considered one of the economical festivals, where date merchants and farmers exhibit the finest and most famous date types in Al-Qassim over 40 days, accompanied with a number of various events regarding cultivating date palms. The festival is considered a place of assembly for date merchants and buyers, wholesale and retail, and it takes place over an area of 12000m2 in Buraidah. Buraidah, which is located in Al-Qassim region, is famous for Sukkary dates.

2- Unaizah Date Festival: Starts on the 5th of Dhu al-Qa’da 1438, corresponding to the 29th of July 2017

Unaizah Date Festival provides a bundle of distinguished programs and projects in its 13th edition, which will mainly contribute to opening new marketing outlets for the finest types of dates exhibited in Unaizah Market. The festival is considered a destination for buyers from all regions of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries, and it lasts for 30 consecutive days.

3- Jubail Date Festival: Starts on the 12th of Dhu al-Qa’da 1438, corresponding to the 5th of August 2017

Jubail Date Festival is distinguished by the fact that it is directed towards everyone, in addition to providing a suitable communication atmosphere between the marketer and the buyer. Jubail Date Festival also provides a large reception area for date factories and farms owners around the Kingdom to exhibit their dates and products at the festival. The festival is organized by the Royal Commission of Jubail represented by the Social Services Department of the “Palms and Dates” festival at Fanateer beach of industrial Jubail over nine days.

4- Bisha Date Festival: Starts on the 27th of Dhu al-Qa’da 1438, corresponding to the 20th of August 2017

Bisha Date Festival is considered a platform which gathers the owners of factories, companies, investment establishments in the field of date cultivation and industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The festival takes place at Bisha date market, and it has attracted a big crowd from inside Asir region and outside in its previous editions to buy the finest dates exhibited from Bisha and its neighboring regions. The festival lasts nearly a month to exhibit dates of all kinds. Bisha Festival includes a number of cultural programs, in which Bisha’s most prominent poets and writers participate daily.

5- Al-Ahsa Date Festival: Starts on the 27th of Rabi’ Athani 1439, corresponding to the 14th of January 2018

Al-Ahsa Date Festival aims to introduce the importance of date palms, dates and its health benefits to the local and international communities, in addition to transforming dates to an important economical product, and connecting shoppers and investors of the date industry from the Kingdom and outside it with Al-Ahsa date market. The festival includes a number of events, the most important of which are the fine arts exhibition, the child theatre, handicrafts and folk arts exhibitions, the cooking and tasting corner, and other programs related to the various fields of palms and dates, and it lasts for 20 days.

6- Liwa Rutab Festival: Starts on the 25th of Shawal 1438, corresponding to the 19th of July 2017

It mainly aims to exchange technical experience between farmers in order to cultivate the best and finest types of rutab. The Liwa Rutab Festival attracts nearly 70 thousand tourist and visitor, including citizens and residents, and it takes place in Liwa. In its new edition, the festival includes a number of folk, heritage, and art events with 200 prizes of a total that reaches 6 million Dirhams, the most important of which are rutab, lemon, and mango refinement contests, the folk market, “House Fruits” basket contest, the best heritage-based memorial contest, the ideal farm, and children’s events, as part of celebrating the customs and traditions, in addition to maintaining the intangible heritage of the United Arab Emirates, especially date palms which occupy a very prominent standing in the Emirati’s heritage, and the memory of the Emirati people.

7- Emirates International Date and Palm Festival: Starts on the 5th of Rabi’ Awal 1439 corresponding to the 24th of November 2017

The Emirates International Date and Palm Festival takes place in Abu Dhabi, at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, and it includes more than 200 exhibitors from 15 countries representing the biggest exporters, producers, and individuals working in the field of date production. In addition to exhibiting the finest types of dates, date gifts, palm products to the crowd, the festival includes a number of events like the dates museum, the educational labyrinth, the enormous puzzle, and the experiments area, in addition to the date palms climbing contest, the national theatre, the dates kitchen, and the photography contest. The festival attracted more than 20 thousand visitor in its previous edition, and it lasts for 6 days from 10am until 10pm.

 8- Abu Dhabi International Date Exhibition: Starts on the 23rd of Rabi’ Awal 1439 corresponding to the 12th of December 2017

The exhibition is specialized in dates trading, and it hosts date traders to exhibit different types of dates, which is considered one of the most widespread crops in the United Arab Emirates. A variety of dates produced from a number of countries around the world is exhibited as well. The Abu Dhabi International Date Exhibition provides, under one roof, a specialized platform for commercial exchange of different types of dates, which attracts more than 200 exhibitor from 15 different countries, as well as six national pavilions, the attendance and participation of more than two thousand date trader and importer from around the world. The exhibition takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

9- The Omani Date Festival: Starts on the 3rd of Safar 1439 corresponding to the 23rd of October 2017

The festival is considered an occasion to celebrate Omani dates, their importance, and types, where farmers, unit and factory owners from all parts of the Sultanate of Oman participate. The festival highlights date products and their derivatives, production and marketing of these products, in addition to allowing sellers to exhibit their various products for the buyers to get to know the finest date types and their derivatives, and to buy the best. The festival takes place in Nizwa from the 26th of October to the 31st of October.

10- The Date and Rutab Festival: Starts on the 4th of Dhu al-Qa’da 1439 corresponding to the 28th of July 2017

The festival focuses on the different types of dates and rutab produced by the Qatari farms in order to raise the awareness between the citizens regarding the importance and benefits of the various kinds of dates for human health, in addition to encouraging the society to keep consuming it for its value and standing in the cultural heritage of Qatar and the Arabian Gulf Countries. The festival takes place at Souq Waqif for two days.

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