Fodakty Elegance Square Large Date Gift Box

Dhs. 210.00

Fodakty Elegance Square Medium Date Gift Box

Dhs. 120.00

Fodakty Elegance Square Small Date Gift Box

Dhs. 35.00

Fodakty Elegance:
The Fodakty Elegance line is our signature product set, it comes in 7 different shapes, Small Square, Standard Square, Medium Square, Large Square, Extra Large Square, Medium Rectangle and Large Rectangle.  The dates content of the box comes in different varieties of dates, including plain Sukkary ( Sukkari ) plain Sagai, Plain Khurdi (Khudry ), plain Khalas, and Madjool (Majdool or Maghool ).  

The dates also come filled with a variety of premium fillings.  Including Khalas with Peeled Almonds, Khuri With Ginger Peel, Khudri With Orange Peel, Mixed Filled Dates, Mixed Plain Dates, and Sagai with pistachios. We also have a huge range of chocolate covered dates for you to choose from.

The Fodakty Elegance line is ideal of corporate gifts, VIP gifting, occasion gifting, including Ramadan, Eid Al Adha, Eid El Fitr, National Day, Martyr Day, Flag Day among many other holidays. The date gift boxes can be highly customized to your needs, whether you want different color ribbons, gift notes, or even setup custom messages in your gift notes, we can according to your needs.  And finally we can also emboss custom logos as a co branding effort on top of some of our dates gift boxes.