Sukkary Dates

Dhs. 140.00

Sukkary date palm fruits are arguably the most famous premium date type is the Arab world, it has a very unique color that easily distinguish it from other date palm fruit types. And it is named after the Arabic word سكر which means sugar, hence the extra sweetness you taste when you consume it.  Sukkary date palm fruit is a staple dietary item in all dining events in the GCC.  The type is sometimes spelled as Sukkari.

Sukkary is most famously associated with Al Qassim region in Saudi Arabia. Al Qassim region tends to produce the highest quality of it. Although other regions produce it including Al Kharj and Al Hassa.

Sukkary Date palm fruits, although has a name sugary, they actually are cholesterol free, sodium free and fat free, so they are great for people with heart conditions. They are also an excellent source of fiber which is good for the digestive system.