No one ever visits the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without leaving with a bag or box of dates.  Date palm is synonymous with the kingdom.  Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest dates producers in the world, producing close to 1.2 million tons of dates where the producing palm trees cover more than 127,000 hectares. KSA enjoys more than 160 variety of dates, each with their own texture, color and distinct taste.

Some of the top dates produced in KSA are:

1. Ajwa:

Ajwa Dates is the king of dates, it has a perfect combination of soft and dry. The Ajwa dates are also sweet and smooth.

Most importantly about Ajwa dates is their mention in numerous Hadith of the Holy
Prophet (peace be upon him) the Ajwa dates have healing properties, they are also said that those who consume seven ajwa dates in the morning will be safe from poison and magic till the evening. 

2. Sukkary or Sukkari

Sukkary dates are mainly cultivated in Al Qaseem region. They are of a crisp texture and sweet to taste.  They are great for preventing prevent tooth decay, lower cholesterol and also get rid of fatigue.  You can find a rich collection of sukkary date for sale and sukkary date gifts for sale on our website.

3. Sagai

The Sagai date fruit is mainly cultivated in the Najd region, mainly in Riyadh, and has a crisp texture. The Saghai dates are famous for having two, colors, they are light yellow on top and brown color on the bottom. One unique feature about Sagai dates is that although the texture may appear wrinkled, they never flake. 

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4. Khalas or Kholas 

Khalsa dates have a distinctive caramel flavor. And is the most popular date variety in the GCC.  Khalas is usually consumed with Arabic coffee and are mainly served pressed and covered with its own syrup.  

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