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Fodakty started with a simple goal, to master the art of producing and selecting the finest premium dates.

The GCC region contains the highest quality dates globally, however the online distribution is limited. Penetrating the e-commerce trend within the GCC, we created the first state of the art e-commerce website dedicated to date gifting and gourmet products derived from dates.

Every date has been handpicked and placed in luxurious personalized boxes by our Fodakty Date Artisans - who are driven by the love of tradition and taste. Promoting the growth of the Arab dates market, we have sourced the finest dates and decadent gourmet fillings from local date farms in UAE and KSA.

Fodakty provides you with an online store filled with the finest gourmet dates and custom gifting for corporates and events. We pledge to deliver the highest level of customer service, with our effortless experience of customization and indulgence, with our date gifting and subscription service. 


The Date Artisans

We are always looking to share great stories about this traditional delicacy and always looking to connect with UAE and KSA based vendors and products of palm date products.  Please connect with by filling the contact us form, or you can always connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.