Dhs. 40.00

Limited edition collection embracing the flavours of Dubai.

Date chocolates are a chocolate lover’s true delight. Fodakty's date chocolates are made of premium dates hand picked by The Date Artisans. Each date is stuffed with gourmet fillings and coated in Swiss chocolate. Creating a dates delicacy from the European art of chocolate making.

The Chocolate Covered Dates Box Includes:

  • White Chocolate covered Khalas dates filled with Strawberry
  • Milk Chocolate covered Khalas dates filled with feuilletine and sprinkled with Gold flakes
  • White Chocolate covered Khalas dates filled with Rose and sprinkled with Rose petals
  • Dark Chocolate covered Khalas dates filled with coconut cream and sprinkled with coconut

Gift Box specifications: 
Dimensions: 8cm*8cm*5cm
Estimated Weight Of Chocolate Covered Dates 100 grams 
Pieces per box 4 dates